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Welcome to bilden

Here at bilden, we strongly believe that every child has boundless potential for creativity and imagination, waiting to be tapped and uncovered.

Over 25 years, we have designed and honed a holistic program of learning aimed at developing our students' physical, emotional and mental awareness. Our weekly courses cater to children ages 5-17, with a range of projects, group work and study visits each term.

Many of our of students stay with us throughout their school years, and we take great pride and pleasure in seeing them grow into independent, confident individuals, with the right values to connect to society.

Welcome to Bilden Poem

Our programs

Our programs are split by age, between ages 5-17

Classes are 2 hours each week on Saturdays or Sundays, with 4 terms a year

Additional study visits and outings typically organised during breaks

Foundation Program


Intermediate program


Advanced Program


Lanna art - study visit in thailand.jpg
Mentors are very passionate in education and character building, they sacrifice their time, heart and soul to build batches of beautiful souls.
Highly recommended to send your children here.

Ang WY, Student

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