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Image by Ashkan Forouzani

Nurturing Holistic Talent

In our previous careers, we have observed that even our top university students and graduates lack many of the key soft skills needed to succeed – in the workplace and in life. Our formal education system (and our culture) is too focused on rote memory, just to get good exam results.


Here at bilden, we aim to complement the hard skills students learn in school, with a holistic enrichment program to build up their soft skills such as

  • Creativity and imagination

  • EQ, Self-awareness and Self-confidence

  • Empathy, teamwork and leadership

  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm

Highly Customised

As each child has their own needs and preferences, we don’t have a standard curriculum that applies to everyone. Instead, we draw on over 25 years of teaching materials and experience to customize lessons each term, based on observing our students’ needs.


Many of our students stay with us for up to 10 years, and never repeat a topic!


Our activities are centered on being creative, to get them to think outside the box and use their imagination. Our emphasis is not on having the nicest looking creation, but rather each student’s journey on how to get there.

Some recent projects include

  • Light & Shadow –  build a lamp shade incorporating your own story

  • Transforming Art – take inspiration from an artists’ work, and put your own interpretation on it

  • Structures in Nature – study how nature builds things, and replicate using your own 3D model

  • Creative Weaving – understand different weaving techniques, and build your own creation

Image by Peyman Farmani


Children learn best by doing. All our classes require hands-on doing, with our mentors helping to guide, encourage and coach.


We also frequently have outdoor trips and study visits to broaden our students’ experiences. Some recent trips include

  • National Art Gallery KL – to appreciate local art, study different styles & techniques

  • Ipoh – to study Malaysian heritage, history, culture and architecture

  • Janda Baik / Enderong – get in touch with nature, study local fauna and flora

  • Taishan, China – appreciate how overseas Chinese life contrast with those remaining in China

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