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Study of Art, Part I - Student-led Art Gallery (August 2023)

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

In this project, we asked our students to

  1. Study and select elements from an artists' original artwork

  2. Create their own artwork using those elements, re-intepreting them and also infusing an element of nature

  3. Explain their art in front of 40+ of their peers and parents!

A few had a clear idea of what they wanted to do quickly and went about it methodically; most started with 1 or 2 elements, and experimented with different layouts, colours, ideas etc. At the start this can be a very stressful time - when they observe their peers working quickly, this can lead to a fear of 'falling behind'. It is very important at this stage to be encouraging, and to emphasise that there is no right answer! And no one is being marked for being fast!

As the students worked, each took a different way of re-interpreting the art (a lot which we didn't even think of!). Some kept the original 'meaning' of the art, and changed the visual elements; others kept the visual elements, but made up their own stories. Some students changed the perspective - from front-facing to side-facing, from 2D to 3D - literally thinking outside the box!

Finally, it was time to present their art to the world. Most impressively, every single student had the courage to stand up in front of everyone to present their work, which is one of the scariest things we can do even for adults!

As you go through some of the students' completed art below, marvel at how each student brings their own unique approach and personality to their work. While some have stronger technical skills than others, what is more important is the ability to conceptualise and create something new, which is why we always emphasise the importance of the journey, not the outcome!


Work based on Untitled, by Lee Kian Seng

At the core of this piece are the 3 modes of transport, showing an evolution from trishaw, to cart, to car.

Many students incorporated the element of evolution or flow of time into their work, and using also the growth inherent in nature to show that passage of time.


Works based on Homage to the Vanishing World, by Shia Yih Ying

This triptych shows a Dayak woman in each of the panels, with elements of Dayak culture appearing in frames within the frame.

In their work, students played around with the framing device, and incoporated aspects of Dayak culture that appealed to them.


Works based on Spirit in Wonderland, by Erica Hestu Wahyuni

This work looks like a child's drawing, and uses many bright colours to bring out a fun, happy atmosphere.

With the many elements, our students were able to go wild with their own intepretations and come up with their own stories!


Works based on Wonderful Journey, Tang Hong Lee

This painting uses bright colours to draw a beautiful, relaxing landscape. A few of our younger students tackled this - while the drawings are simpler, you can still see how they were able to inject their own perspective and interpretation into their art!


Works by Sat 4.30 pm class

Similar to the gallery above, the younger class also had to create their own artwork while referencing a selected painting. Students had to experiment and experience the different techniques to use to achieve a bright and vivid colour with their crayons. It also challenged their imagination, with some creating tea parties or even outer space!


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