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Fun & Games - Practicing how to lead and to follow (July 2023)

Have you had to learn a new game recently? Was it explained clearly to you? How long did it take for you to learn it?

Games are a great way to learn both how to lead AND follow. Someone has to explain and demonstrate the game clearly and accurately, and everyone needs to pay attention and learn the rules quickly!

We started with some simple games, before moving on to more and more complex ones - see if you can follow along with the instructions below!


Game #1: Catch the ball

  • This game teaches students to respond immediately at a moment’s notice, to always be alert of their surroundings

  • It encourages remembering each other’s names to call out.

How to play:

  • All Members stand in a circle.

  • The person with the ball calls out a member’s name, and he/she has to catch the ball.

  • The goal is to catch the ball without dropping it.

Sat 4:30

Sun 4:30


Game #2: Hunting

  • Students learn how to spot items quickly and easily.

  • They develop social skills while seeking help.

  • They gain confidence to find their way out of unknown or complicated situations.

  • It also teaches students to return used items to their original positions.

How to play:

  • Instructors give teams a list of items e.g. Colour pencil box, Plastic cup, Fork and spoon, etc.

  • The team who brings all or most of the items to the instructor first gets points.

Sat 4:30

Sun 4:30


Game #3: “Blocks” picture

  • This game teaches students communication skills.

  • They learn to cooperate while completing a set task.

  • They learn to adapt to situations with things that they have.

How to play:

  • Teams are given a box of blocks of different shapes and colour.

  • Instructors give teams instructions or a picture, e.g. Zigzag line, House, etc.

  • Each group has to create the given instruction or recreate the picture.

Sat 4:30

Sun 4:30


Game #4: Order it

  • This game teaches students to listen to instructions.

  • They also learn to communicate without verbal communication.

How to play:

  • All Members sit in a circle.

  • Instructors will give an instruction and members have to stand in that order, e.g. by Height, Age, etc.

  • Instructors will give out pictures or words and members have to stand in that order, e.g. Size of animal, Weekdays, etc.

Sat 4:30

Sun 4:30


Game #5: Pictionary

  • Students learn how to communicate by drawing ONLY.

  • Guessing members learn to interpret drawings with their imaginations.

How to play:

  • A team member is selected to draw on the whiteboard.

  • The instructors give the instruction/picture to draw e.g. Window, Clock, Chicken, Cow, etc.

  • Other teams have to try to guess what is being drawn.

Sat 4:30

Sun 4:30


Game #6: Picture Story

  • This game teaches students to try to imagine and visualise a story, based on a picture.

  • Students learn to share ideas and create one final story.

How to play:

  • Instructors display 6 different pictures, and each team picks one picture.

  • Each team needs to create a story based on the selected pictures.

  • After discussion, a selected member presents the story.

Sat 4:30

Sun 4:30


Leaders and Instructors Review

It would be a lie to say that the game sessions went smoothly. As an instructor, it was clear that good coordination and time management were needed. Annabelle and I managed to plan ahead on how we would approach the games, but faced difficulties to adapt to the situations. It was difficult to get everyone's attention, ensure that everyone was having fun, and keep track of the time all at the same time. I think I can improve on being more carefree, and improving my communication skills.

On the second week, I was a leader along with Jin Kai. He and I were good at discussing with each other before taking any action. Lim Xin Yu was good at helping care for the younger members. Co Yi was the most proactive person in our team, along with Teng Yi. Finally, Z-Hui, who was only 3.5 years old, was cooperative and participated in all games. Being a leader was relatively easier compared to an instructor as I only had to coordinate my own team, instead of the whole room.

By Hermann

To be quite honest, I don’t have much experience either leading groups or giving instructions, but as I get older, I aspire to have more experiences. I was pretty anxious and bashful as a first-time instructor, but I made an effort. My shortcomings include communication and socializing. I will improve on being more vocal and clearer because I wasn’t while I was providing the game instructions. I consider thinking to be one of my strengths. I was fully aware of how the game was going. However, I believe that I could have executed the game more effectively. With more experience under my belt, I aim to do better in the future.

By Annabelle

As an instructor, eye contact is very important. I have to make sure everyone knows what the game is about and what are the rules in order to get points. Making sure of everyone’s safety is equally important, and in order to achieve that, a good explanation needs to be done. I have to be aware of the time schedule because it is important to manage the time schedule of the whole event well so that nothing is delayed or cancelled.

As a leader, I have to make sure everyone gets a chance to play and have fun. I have to lead the team on how to play the games efficiently so that the team will not lose. Sometimes I have to be somehow strict so the younger ones will know what is wrong or right. It is in fact important to make sure that the whole team, regardless of their age gap to be cooperative and supportive. Only then the game can be played successfully!

By Ayden

我觉得我做得还有待改进,在进行游戏的时候我会因为对游戏规则的不熟悉和对自己的有点 不自信而导致游戏有怠慢也有几部分游戏进行的不是很顺畅。虽然我在游戏开始前有跟老师 们开过会但是我觉得还是有点不足因为我们还不完全对所有的游戏规则有清晰的了解,导致 我和Ayden在沟通上有少少的误会,幸好到最后都解决了。当天因为我们带领的学生年纪是属 于比较幼小的孩子,而且还有些同学听不懂华语,所以我和Ayden就分配了他用英文来解释规 则,我用华语来解释规则,这样他们就更明白了。计算分数的话, 我们是轮流计算的。大家都蛮 配合我们的游戏规则, 也很喜欢那些游戏。最后, 谢谢leaders和老师们的帮助让游戏变得更 好玩, 气氛变得更开心。

By Hui Xuan

要当一位专业的指示员是需要多方面的技巧及经验。由于这是我的经验还新,难免在进行的过程中会产生一些不理想的状况。以下就是三个例子 :-

1) 在进行游戏的时候会因为规则上的一些问题导致游戏进行得不是很流畅。这是因为我在游戏之前没有能够完全理解游戏的运作过程和规则,导致规则上可能有一些漏洞,产生了误会。

2) 我和Tze Ee的沟通上可能也出现了一些问题,导致我和他的想法有点出入。当天因为有同学听不懂华语,所以我和Tze Ee就采取了我先以华语解释规则,然后Tze Ee再以英语解释规则。

3) 计算分数这方面,我和Tze Ee自己都有算最后再看对方是不是和自己算得一样。


By Derek


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